Halloween Update

Greetings from my corner desk in Los Angeles,

I have just returned from a 2 month spell of traveling here and there so the question is where to begin? Well firstly, my trip to Sofia was incredible, as expected. I really feel more connected with the community and culture there every time I go back. Had the absolute pleasure of working with Evden Dimitrov, Stefan Cekov and Petar Yotov on the first performance of new material off my upcoming album the Marigold Experiment. It’s coming, I promise. Couldn’t have been more pleased with their energy, pocket, creative respect, improvisations, overall magic… While we had very little time to rehearse, these men were so pro, the set itself really gelled. I recently fell asleep smiling, listening to a live recording.

During my stay I also had the opportunity to session with Pavel Terziyski, an incredible Bulgarian artist who’s vocal expressions vary from unbelievably smooth deep deep bass tones to totally believable trumpet solos, beat boxing, vibrations. I am always so floored to work with him, can’t wait to share something from our time together.  I made a new friend in Miss Jessica Childress, an extremely emotive and versatile singer from Los Angeles who joined ranks with Kan Wakan earlier this year. Her combination of technique and style really really blew me away, added bonus she was an absolute joy to be around. Definitely please find her on Spotify immediately (especially for fans of Lauryn Hill).

When I returned from Sofia, I jumped straight back into work here in Los Angeles where I found myself starring in a music video for an upcoming Japanese video game for which I  contributed a song. Guided by renowned synth and master scorer Jeff Rona, we created a truly different track. Imagine “Army of Me”  mixed with leather and lights. Video and song set to drop in January of 2019.

In other news I have joined Vancouver band Black Mountain as their co-lead singer. Totally honored, especially as the current line up is mind boggling and includes members of Dommengang, Sinoia Caves, and CHILDREN, and is virtuously lead by headmaster Stephen McBean. We’ll be hitting the road with a new album March of 2019.



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Rachel Fannan

Rachel Fannan, born March 20th 1986, is a Los Angeles native, professional singer, song writer, voice actor and poet. Between her travels she teaches and mentors all ages in performance and music theory.

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