Three months ago LA Record premiered my latest single and announced the release date of my album the Marigold Experiment. Read more…

“Longtime L.A. fixture Rachel Fannan just joined Black Mountain—great for them, great for her—but she’s got a solo album of her own coming that promises great things, too. She’s got a long list of solo and collaborative credits already, from her much-missed Only You and Sleepy Sun to work with UNKLE, the Fresh & Onlys, and lots more. But forthcoming The Marigold Experiment (out Aug. 16) is something unexpected from someone who’s always played with expectations.
This “Fever Pitch” (Spotify/Apple Music out now!) isn’t about heat or speed—instead it’s more like a fever dream, starting with what sounds like a scientist checking in on an experiment and then drifting deeper into inner space. There’s a sense of overwhelming isolation and confusion, just barely held back: “I enjoyed your simulation,” Fannan sings, which works as a powerful metaphor for the end of a relationship but also makes for unsettling context for such a sci-fi song.
It’s something that could’ve worked just as nicely after midnight on pirate radio circa 1984—a cooler 1984, maybe, where rock guitar could slip right into that narcotic FM production—as it could at the adventuresome edge of pop right now. And it’s awesome in the old school sense—like that feeling up looking up at the stars and recognizing there’s so much more emptiness than light. “Fever Pitch”‘s atmospheric lyric video was directed by Anthony Ferrara and you can check in with Fannan and her developing Marigold Experiment here.”

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Rachel Fannan

Rachel Fannan, born March 20th 1986, is a Los Angeles native, professional singer, song writer, voice actor and poet. Between her travels she teaches and mentors all ages in performance and music theory.

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