Late Nights

(artwork by Jessi Simpson)

Greetings from the bed of Rachel Fannan and laptop. I bring you stories of rock and roll and good news. As I shared in my last post, my second book “Human Valentine” is en route. All pre orders have been processed and will be mailing out shortly. Everyone who pre ordered a copy will receive a personalized autograph and something extra, so a BIG thank you to those of you who helped launch this next edition.

In other news I am home for exactly 7 days here in Los Angeles to rehearse with the extraordinary Pussy Riot band for our performance at this years Desert Daze on Saturday October 12th. I began working with Nadya earlier this year and have become a fast fan and supporter. So grateful for my time behind the drums.

Following Desert Daze I fly over to the UK to rejoin with Canadian shredders Black Mountain and continue our 3 month long tour in support of their latest album ‘Destroyer’ which features a healthy (and quietly mixed) dose of Fannan vocals. Jamming with the fellas thus far as been quite the TRIP.

To conclude this brief update I will also be sharing new music soon! Trying my best to keep up with myself as I balance life around touring. You know the drill. Or do you?


Published by

Rachel Fannan

Rachel Fannan, born March 20th 1986, is a Los Angeles native, professional singer, song writer, voice actor and poet. Between her travels she teaches and mentors all ages in performance and music theory.

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