In honor of Star Trek Picard, Rachel Fannan sings Blue Skies

As a kid some of my fondest memories are of watching reruns of  Star Trek – TNG  [The Next Generation]  with my dad and little brother. Dad would use the Trek world to enhance doling out chores or to take the edge off a punishment, saying things like “clean your rooms, and make it so”.  We had to laugh. Flash forward to 2009 and I’m getting the Star Trek insignia tattoo’d on my 21 year old body. Needless to say I’m a fan. Flash forward again to the end of 2019 and I’m singing on a trailer the new show in the Star Trek franchise, Picard.  When my dad caught the trailer for himself he texted me right away,


“Blue Skies brought tears to my eyes, I’m so proud”


Here I am singing it alone in my bedroom, accompanied by my dear friends the extremely talented Evan Vidar and his wife Jenny Long.


Published by

Rachel Fannan

Rachel Fannan, born March 20th 1986, is a Los Angeles native, professional singer, song writer, voice actor and poet. Between her travels she teaches and mentors all ages in performance and music theory.

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