Origins of the American Police Force and (a Reminder of) the Brutal Reality of Slavery

Sorry people but the origins of our American police force are 100% race based. They were called patrollers and they were meant to be part of the solution to Colonial America’s biggest problem, labor. Obviously control of this new labor force would be key.

By the early 1700s, a system of racially directed law enforcement was well on its way to being developed.

Why? White dudes wanted free labor. They imported black human beings from their homes and forced them to work day in and day out FOR FREE.

A great question you can ask yourself is what job would I be willing to do work for free? I mean real shit like picking a crop, or cooking someones meals 7 days a week. And no being a parent doesn’t count (caught ya boomer). Like would YOU do that shit for free? For your whole life? For someone who terrorized you?

What I’m trying to drive across to protest deniers is slaves were forced to work back breaking jobs in the blazing heat, with very little water and food, and were often beaten or killed for extremely minor “offenses”, all of which sounds completely insane when you say this shit out loud. Am I right? It really happened, and not to you! So this is where the anger becomes compacted.

The conditions these kid napped people of color endured here colonial America were literally a fucking nightmare.
To put things into perspective even more, Jamestown received it’s first shipment of 455,000 human beings in 1619… ok that number alone is fucking disgusting.
And our 13th amendment which was supposed to abolish slavery was signed in 1865.

 Dear white people, that is 245 YEARS of American slavery. 245 years of shipments of human bodies. 245 years of working them to the bone, raping them, selling them off, killing them, beating them… real shit people, not some 20 day probation crap. 245 years of cops being racist and having FULL reign to brutalize and murder people of color. Being a slave was torture.

Not to mention between abolishing slavery in 1865 and 1964 when the Civil Rights Act was signed, people of color saw 98 more years of repression and illegal hangings. Aaaaand since 1964 until today has been like 55 years? So omg 55 years of “freedom” and ya’ll white people are like “protestors are just as bad as cops”.

I’m like….. ya no.

When you say stuff like “the protestors should be peaceful or else they won’t get what they want” you’re saying 1.) all protesters are violent and 2.) 245 years slavery isn’t horrific enough for some protests?


Meanwhile 90% of the protestors we are seeing are peaceful, many of them are white allies, so NO this is absolutely not just all black people wrecking shit.


That anti protest sentiment is 100% racist and unpatriotic, slavery was WRONG and America did that. We owe people of color more than we can repay.

Published by

Rachel Fannan

Rachel Fannan, born March 20th 1986, is a Los Angeles native, professional singer, song writer, voice actor and poet. Between her travels she teaches and mentors all ages in performance and music theory.

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