One thought on “SPOTIFY

  1. Rachel,

    Thank You for sharing this unfortunate part of your musical journey. It stands out to me, because I have been an unpaid musician/songwriter all my life.
    Granted, none of my music or contributions have been published, but I could see how easy it would have been to just agree and “go along” in the interest of furthering my music career, when the opportunities came up.

    When you are young and talented there seems to be a specific group of business vultures waiting to capitalize off your work. Sometimes its as small as skimming the door fees.. and sometimes as big as the Taylor Swift thing.

    It has become common to talk about how abusive and unfair the music industryis and has been. Artists make art and businessmen turn a profit from it.
    But it is refreshing to see musicians like you sharing your experience to try and help others navigate this better.

    Thank You

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