Fannan to release ‘Princess of Swords’ 5/30


Dear friends and fans,

I’m so excited to announce the release date for the next installment of the Marigold Experiment, ‘Princess of Swords’. As some of you can probably relate, I’ve found it really hard to stay motivated during my state’s lock down.  It’s been helpful to remind myself that while this isn’t a rehearsal, it’s totally ok to feel the feelings and take another day off. We are our own worst critiques. So let me be the next person to tell you, it’s ok to feel bad right now, and it’s ok to lean on comfort foods, embrace your insomnia, maybe treat yourself to a guided mediation from Deepak Chopra, and in the meantime listen to all your favorite music.



produced by Alec Justice / mixed by Dani Munoz / lead guitar Evan Weiss / strings Meg Webb


Until this is over,


Rachel Fannan releases ‘Sofia’, an instrumental installment of her digital album the Marigold Experiment.


The Marigold Experiment continues with an abundance of help from friends and producer Alec Justice. Written for the beautiful capitol of Bulgaria, ‘Sofia’ an instrumental (so far) pays homage to a long late night, walking the streets of an intoxicating foreign city. Artwork by Rob Fidel, the rose is Bulgaria’s national flower and here presents the delicate power of its fragrant allure.

I’ve taken time to add ‘Sofia’ to my Marigold Experiment playlist on my Spotify channel. Please if you enjoy, give me a like and or repost out there in the madness of this pandemic limbo.

Thanks for staying with me,


In honor of Star Trek Picard, Rachel Fannan sings Blue Skies

As a kid some of my fondest memories are of watching reruns of  Star Trek – TNG  [The Next Generation]  with my dad and little brother. Dad would use the Trek world to enhance doling out chores or to take the edge off a punishment, saying things like “clean your rooms, and make it so”.  We had to laugh. Flash forward to 2009 and I’m getting the Star Trek insignia tattoo’d on my 21 year old body. Needless to say I’m a fan. Flash forward again to the end of 2019 and I’m singing on a trailer the new show in the Star Trek franchise, Picard.  When my dad caught the trailer for himself he texted me right away,


“Blue Skies brought tears to my eyes, I’m so proud”


Here I am singing it alone in my bedroom, accompanied by my dear friends the extremely talented Evan Vidar and his wife Jenny Long.


Rachel Fannan departs Black Mountain in 2020

I had such a great time touring with Black Mountain last year, yet again life has set me onto another path for 2020. (I’ll be trading the microphone for drum sticks and hitting the road with Pussy Riot as their permanent drummer. ) I want to give a big thanks to the band and all the incredible fans for supporting our adventures together, and tremendous thanks to Steve McBean for allowing me the opportunity and the honor of singing with him. Truly unforgettable. Can’t wait to see what they do next.

All my love,


Black Mountain KEXP