New winter single ‘Wish I Was’ receives warm praise

{Feeling so grateful today}
There’s nothing like waking up to a kind review, especially from Brooklyn Vegan

As some of you know, I just released a new track off my album the Marigold Experiment yesterday. Produced by myself and Alec Justice, ‘Wish I Was’, ‘All In’ and ‘Fever Pitch’ showcase a silky more digital side of my music which long time fans may appreciate.

During my stint as Birds Fled From Me in 2007 and 2008, I explored mixing piano with a few subtle electronic sensibilities. I have taken many turns since then, but I’ve always kept that early day magic energy in the back of my mind. If you’ve stuck with my this far and been wishing I would make a return, you’re in luck.

So without further ado, I hope you enjoy ‘Wish I Was’, and if you’re feeling generous, please share as much as you like.

Rachel Fannan Publishes Second Book ‘Human Valentine’

I am so proud to announce that my second book ‘Human Valentine’ is now available to you in paperback via In this new edition of poems readers will get a deeper glimpse into my romantic scope. Personally I am influenced by writers like Pablo Neruda and even at times Bukowski’s way of portraying sexuality and sensuality. Raw, not always sweet. While my first collection erred towards nostalgia and sometimes times painful recollection, ‘Human Valentine’ reveals tenderness and excitement. I hope you enjoy.


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