Where do I begin? Unprecedented times call for unprecedented strength and compassion. I wish I could say that I’ve seen our current GOP demonstrate the necessary level of either, because I have loved ones who support Trump who in my heart I know are good people… but I can’t. Though I am not a Trump supporter, when I talk to Trump supporters we do agree on some basics. We all basically hate the government. We all want to protect our loved ones. We all think our state level taxes are insanely high (we live in California). We all see the government place importance on corporations over people…

But what we disagree on are the many details our opposing governing bodies have circulated through the media for decades. Now while I myself see both the Democratic and Republican parties as bought or “in bed” with companies who have monopolies over certain industries, I tend to lean Democratic when I’m pushed to side with one of our 2 party system.

Which makes me ask, why after decades of division, and a widening gap between Dems and Republicans, why do we essentially allow our government to restrict our freedoms to this level? The GOP would like us to believe we are free and have choices, but the way I was raised, 2 corrupt choices doesn’t really feel like freedom. It feels like I’m being forced to vote bad, or worse. This is why I regularly voice the call for voting reform.

Scientist have shown us with statistical proof, that the planet is on an unlivable trajectory. Believe me, I know it’s scary, but we are in fact, scientifically accurately in the middle of the planet’s 6th mass extinction. We absolutely need help to survive our life time. Why do I believe this? Because since being born in 1986 I’ve personally seen the ice caps that help maintain our fragile eco system melt ENTIRELY. The bad news is that we know they’re not coming back within our lifetime. Our planet is renewing it’s. We can now see the holes we’re burning into the atmosphere. Ozone depletion over the Arctic this year was so severe that most of the ozone at an altitude of around 11 miles has been depleted. Completely…

Trump doesn’t believe in climate change. Maybe you don’t either. But is it your right to vote against a reality you don’t believe when the effects of that belief are harmful to the rest of human kind? As of March of this year there were 7,800,000,000 people on Earth. Does that sound… normal? Manageable? March of 1986, ther year I was born, there were 4,960,567,912 people on Earth. That means the planet’s population and waste output has doubled.

I’m fading off for the night, but we are looking at adaptation. Nothing else is available, and there’s no one out there ready to jump in and save us. There’s no back up planet migration and you can bet if there ever was, it’s not gonna be financially available to likes of you and me.

Stay sane out there. If you can.